Enlargement of the glans penis: the best effective ways

One of the most discussed issues when it comes to the genitals is "is the size of the head important during sex or not? " Only women can answer this question most precisely. However, they never reached a consensus.

A man experiences emotional discomfort if the head is much smaller than the base of the penis. That is why there are ways to increase it.

Standard size

Scientists explored this topic by measuring penis size in length, diameter, girth, and volume. The data is subject to several indicators: the number of participants, the individual characteristics of the subjects, differences in race.

At rest, the head has an average volume of 4 cm. It is not necessary to increase if its own size does not differ by more than 1. 5-2 cm.

Male psychology and enlargement

male psychology with penis enlargement

A man's dissatisfaction with the size of his genital organ leads to an unstable psychological state and, as a result, impotence.

Head enlargement methods

Every man would like to be satisfied with the greatness of his dignity. But there are situations when everything is in order, but the size of the head does not reach. Then the question arises not of the increase of the whole organ, but of its part.

Ways to enlarge the head include:

  • surgery;
  • exercises;
  • medications;
  • gel;
  • masseurs.

Before using any of the above products, you should consult a specialist. He will select the necessary technique that suits you.


penis enlargement surgery

The surgery is the addition of a special matrix that is placed between the head and the spongy bodies. In turn, the matrix begins to slowly and carefully stretch the head, contributing to its enlargement.


Exercises for increasing the head are based on the use of folk techniques. For example, "milking" - the penis is brought to an erect state, the next action is to grab and squeeze the base of the penis, then gently point it towards the head. Due to such manipulations, blood flow increases and an increase occurs.


Such treatment is based on treatment with courses using hormonal drugs.

This method has contraindications and negative sides, including the high price.


Head enlargement gels are made from substances that are safe for the body.

They are based on hyaluronic acid, which is used in cosmetology. The gel is introduced into the head and due to the action of the component described above it becomes elastic and enlarges.

The disadvantages include:

  • the increase is made only in the non-erect state;
  • temporary result.

Apart from the disadvantages, there are also advantages:

  • Security;
  • it takes a little time;
  • when driving, local anesthesia is used, not general anesthesia.


To increase the drop height, simulators such as an extender and a vacuum pump are used.

The action of the masseurs applies to the whole penis, not just a part of it.

Very easy to use. The effect of a vacuum pump is temporary but instantaneous. Extender gives a longer effect, but slower.

What results can you expect?

measuring penis size after enlargement

During the operation, the result is not guaranteed. Since the foreign matter may not take root, and the body will begin to reject them.

The exercise is easier. The reviews are very positive. As practice shows, "milking" brings effect after a week with constant repetition.

Hormones show results after 1. 5-2 months, but have a high risk of side effects. Therefore, this method is considered dangerous.

Freezing, like exercising, is considered a safe method with visible effect. The men do not feel any discomfort.