How to enlarge a penis without surgery: tips for men

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The size of the penis depends on genetics and individual characteristics of the man. Sometimes it is caused by a hormonal pattern or birth defects. Statistics show that most people are not happy with their parameters, especially the length, so the issue of penis enlargement is relevant to many.

Until recently, surgical methods were the only possible ones, but now the list of ways to solve the problem has grown significantly. Everyone can choose for himself the one that gives the desired result, but at the same time does not harm the body.

Surgical methods

An effective method in which a specialist can accurately predict how much the length and volume of the penis will increase. But at the same time, it is rightly considered the most dangerous, since it is produced in violation of the integrity of the integuments of the body. It is very important to consult a doctor, take into account all the advantages and disadvantages, be examined for contraindications, etc.

Basic techniques

There are currently many different techniques, but the most commonly used are:

  • Ligamentotomy.It aims to increase the length to 1-2 cm immediately after the operation. After that, a man can wear a special orthopedic extender, which will make his penis an additional 4-5 cm. It is one of the newest and safest techniques today.
  • Lipofilling.A procedure that allows you to make a thin penis fuller. This is due to the introduction of fatty tissue taken from the same person elsewhere. Thus, it is possible to increase the diameter by 1 cm. The operation is performed quickly, and the recovery period after it is relatively short, but the effect wears off after a few months.
  • Muscle graft.Complex surgery to increase the size of the penis. Muscle tissue is taken from the abdominal wall and transferred to the genital organ, after which the surgeon carefully restores all the vessels. The downside is that both areas have to heal: both the penis and the abdominal wall. This technique allows the volume to be increased by 3 to 4 cm.
  • Falloprosthetics.Helps to resize and eliminate erectile dysfunction. For this, cartilage or elastic materials of synthetic origin are used.

Several techniques are often combined, but recovery after them is more difficult.

penis enlargement surgery


There are two types of indications:

  • developmental abnormalities that interfere with sexual activity;
  • desire to improve the aesthetics of the penis.

Doctors believe that if the penis is functioning normally, there is no direct indication for plastic surgery. The decision on the possibility of plastic surgery is made by the surgeon.

How do they work

Whatever technique the surgeon chooses, the operation is performed under general anesthesia. The simplest techniques are carried out in one hour, more difficult - three hours. When combining methods, the time is added up.


Recovery depends on the extent of the operation and the characteristics of the body. The man immediately stays in the clinic and after a few days is sent home. Further rehabilitation takes about a month or two. During this time, the stitches are healed and removed. If you also have to wear an extension, the rehabilitation is extended by six months.


Jelqing is a technique recognized as a valid alternative to surgical plastic. In terms of health security, this method has preceded surgery by many steps, since it does not require intervention in the body. At the same time, it is accessible to almost everyone and does not involve any re-education, that is, a person remains sexually active all the time, only improving his performance.

The word "jelqing" itself is translated as "treats", which reflects its essence. The technique is based on the systematic lengthening of the penis, which ultimately leads to its enlargement. The method has been practiced for many consecutive generations in eastern countries, and only about half a century ago Europeans paid attention to it. True, some did not use it when needed, but now, thanks to the Internet and consultations with doctors, you can find out all the nuances.


During characteristic stimulation, increased pressure is created inside the penis. The blood rushes into the corpora cavernosa and the pulling movements lead to the growth of the penis. The protein membranes of these hollow structures synthesize new cells if this massage is performed systematically. This contributes to a real increase in parameters during an erection.

Jelqing is a process based on natural mechanisms. In addition to lengthening, the blood supply to the penis improves, which ensures the supply of nutrients, helps protect against inflammation and congestion.


In addition to the growth of the penis in length and width, there are a number of other effects:

  • increased elasticity during an erection;
  • rapid excitement;
  • the ability to have sex for a long time;
  • exclusion of premature ejaculation;
  • the emergence of confidence in their sexual potential.

All these effects appear within a month and a half after stable application of jelqing.

effect of penis enlargement after jelqing

Advantages and disadvantages

Experts point out the following advantages of this technique:

  • simplicity;
  • Health and security;
  • improved sex life;
  • the possibility of using for different ages.

Like any technique, jelqing has its drawbacks:

  • weakly pronounced effect (there will be no significant increase in parameters);
  • damage to blood vessels with excessive exertion.
  • For men who want positive change very quickly, jelqing is not suitable.


According to the average data, in a month you can increase the length from 0. 3 to 1 cm with such a massage. There is also a slight increase in volume - 4-7 mm. The result differs from person to person for the following reasons:

  • choice of technique;
  • the use of excipients;
  • individual characteristics.

The last factor is one of the most important. For some people, the result is visible after a few weeks, while others have to work for a very long time to see at least some changes.

Experts say jelqing is really effective, but you have to be realistic: a centimeter or a centimeter and a half at best can be obtained, and the promises of growth of 5-10 cm are fairy tales. This will not happen, even if you apply this method stably throughout the year.

Note: the measurements must be taken exclusively in a state of erection. In its absence, the settings almost always remain the same.

measuring penis size


There are three different jelqing techniques: wet with water, wet with lubricants, and dry. The latter is the easiest to achieve. But at the same time, it brings the least results.

  1. To dry.This type is most often started by those who first decided to try the method. In this case, no special location or conditions are necessary. But when massaging dry mucous membranes, one should not forget about the increased risk of severely stretching the mucous membrane or damaging the capillaries, so it is better to be very careful.
  2. With water.The meaning of this approach is to preheat the tissues with lukewarm water. To do this, use a washcloth or a damp towel. After such smoothing, fabrics become more elastic and respond better to stretching. The heating pad should be warm, but not hot, pain should not be allowed. The warm-up should be carried out for 5-7 minutes. This is most conveniently done in the bathroom.
  3. With lubricant

In this case, preliminary heating of the tissues is also used, but it is not carried out with water, but with lubricants. In this case, all the blood vessels become able to dilate without damage. It is better to choose gel structures, they do not dry out longer and make the process comfortable.

Any of these gels are applied before starting directly to the genitals and groin area. Their action allows the procedure to be prolonged without the risk of ejaculation, which is the guarantee of a rapid increase in length and volume.

penis size after using local remedies

How to do

Daily procedures are the most efficient. The vegetation in the groin area is first removed: this will make the exercises more comfortable.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. With the wet method, there is first a heating or application of lubricant.
  2. The limb is brought into a partially erect state. For many, arousal occurs during the preparation phase without additional stimulation. Over-arousal is undesirable because it interferes with the free flow of blood.
  3. The penis is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger. The pressure in this case should be of medium force: not too weak, but not excessive. Pain is an indicator that the pressure needs to be released.
  4. Milking movements are carried out from the base to the head. Upwards, the pressure is released.
  5. Each movement lasts a few seconds. About 100 repetitions are recommended. Sometimes it's easier to set a timer and take 4-5 minutes.

Often all massage movements are performed with the main hand, but it is better to change the right and left hand so as not to tire too much and release the pressure.

Vacuum pumps

This method has become widespread due to the lack of aggressive intervention in the body and the excellent results that can be achieved in a short time. For many, it has become a full-fledged alternative to plastic surgery.

Now vacuum pumps are used everywhere, both for men who want to achieve the desired parameters and to achieve harmony in the sex life of a couple.


The mechanical impact leads to an increase in the anatomical parameters naturally present. If the device is used stably, the changes are corrected and saved. In addition, the pumps cause the corpora cavernosa to be completely saturated with blood, which in ordinary life gives the effect of the hardness of the penis when aroused.

The device should have a balloon from which excess air is sucked. This straightens the penis. The procedure generally produces pleasurable sensations similar to oral sex. In addition to the main part, different models have latex pads to create a seal between the groin and the bulb, special accessories, vibrating parts, cock rings, batteries, a screen, etc.

how does a vacuum penis pump work

Advantages and disadvantages

Vacuum pumping is currently considered the best method for increasing male dignity, since it does not require significant financial costs, takes place without surgical manipulations and the use of strong drugs. A man can be sexually active without a break, since pumping does not require rehabilitation and literally has a positive effect after each procedure.

Before you start, you do not need to undergo a complex examination, the device can be taken with you on any trip, that is, a man is not attached to anything.

The benefits of using a pump include many factors:

  • the length of the penis increases by 1. 5-2 cm, and the diameter by 2 cm;
  • increased hardness when excited;
  • an erection lasts 1. 5 to 2 times longer;
  • prevention of diseases of the reproductive system;
  • the ability to better satisfy the partner;
  • correction of the shape of the penis, elimination of curvatures;
  • increased libido.

In order to experience the full benefits of the method, the pump should be applied stably. Ultimately, both men and women benefit from using the device.

In some cases, pumping can be harmful:

  • with use for longer than the recommended time, dryness of the mucous membranes develops, temporary numbness of the head after the procedure;
  • a decrease in the contractility of the muscles of the channel through which sperm are expelled (for this reason, pumping is not recommended when planning pregnancy);
  • trauma to the capillaries with excessive pressure inside the balloon.

If you use the device according to the instructions, there will be no negative effects. In addition, an important factor is the purchase in legal stores, which provide all the necessary information and give the settings of the device.


There are three main types of pumps on sale:

  1. Manual.The evacuation of the air from the balloon is carried out manually. To do this, you need to squeeze a rubber bulb or press the plunger of the pump, which are connected by a rubber tube to the vial. These devices are the most affordable in terms of price, but you have to put some effort into using them.
  2. Automatique.They are powered by an electric pump powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery. These pumps are often supplemented with a built-in pressure gauge to monitor pressure. All of these models have multiple power modes so you can choose the right one for you.
  3. Aquatic.Innovative models, in which there is water instead of air inside the balloon. In this case, the effect occurs earlier, the feeling of use is more pleasant, and the risk of injury is lower.
varieties of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

How to register

Before starting, the groin area is washed thoroughly and then treated with a lubricant. This approach eliminates air leaks and skin irritation. It is also best to epilate the groin.

Then they act like this:

  1. The penis is placed inside the vial and the device is pressed firmly against the skin.
  2. Turn on the pump or manually remove the air. This will make the mucous membrane appear more pink - this is a normal pumping reaction.
  3. Gradually, the penis will become erect. For different men, it happens over a different period of time.

The first session lasts up to 5 minutes, then the time gradually increases. Maximum usage is 20 minutes at a time.

Important: pain and bruising should not appear. Discomfort is a signal that the pressure is too high.

After use, the device is washed and dried. On automatic models, electronics or batteries must not be placed under water.

How to choose

With the right approach to choosing a vacuum pump, a man can expect great results in both the anatomy and the function of the penis. The main points to look for when buying:

  • the internal volume of the vial should be at least 3 cm longer than the penis;
  • the diameter of the flask is chosen 2 cm and more spacious than the diameter of the manhood at the time of arousal;
  • beginners are advised to choose manual changes and, with experience, move on to automatic changes.

If all of these rules are followed, you can be sure that in a few weeks the length and girth of the penis will noticeably increase and premature ejaculation problems will be a thing of the past.

happy couple in love

Local funds

There are specially designed tools, the action of which is aimed at changing the anatomical parameters. These include lubricants, lubricants, gels, and topical creams for the penis and groin. All of them work thanks to the substances that make up the composition. As a rule, they activate blood flow to the genitals, which improves cellular nutrition, promotes the synthesis of male hormones and increases potency.

Advantages and disadvantages

Literally anyone can apply a cream or gel to the lining. There is no risk of injury or damage to the capillaries. For this reason, local remedies are considered to be one of the safest techniques. Their cost is incomparable, for example, with surgery.

Among the shortcomings, we can distinguish a moment as low efficiency. High-quality drugs have an effect, but this only happens after stable use for a long time. Experts say that these methods are suitable for people with a high degree of discipline. To wait a few months for the result and not stop using the purchased product, you must be determined. For this reason, many "come out of the race" before having a real increase in anatomical parameters.

How to register

All of these products should be applied once or twice a day. The main requirement is clean skin. This will prevent the appearance of inflammation and help the active substances to fully penetrate inside.


In the composition of such gels, creams, lotions, etc. , there are components of plant, animal or synthetic origin with a high degree of biological activity. They can be allergenic. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know in advance whether a drug is suitable or not. Generally, people with allergies have a higher risk.

Recommended remedies

When choosing, preference should be given to products that have a detailed description of the composition, so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

The gel structure is economical to use, since it does not dry for a very long time. One tube is enough for a month of applications.

Users note that the cream does not leave marks on clothes and is very convenient. The texture is light, for once a fairly small volume, and the tube is enough for at least a month.

Natural organic preparation to improve the anatomy of male reproductive organs. The formula developed by pharmacists is simple but effective. The cream is affordable, although it can easily compete with the more expensive drugs.

The essential oil is based on plant and animal extracts. Recommended only for systematic use, one application will not bring results. But the effect will last much longer than means of rapid response.

The oil is used sparingly and is absorbed very quickly. For better penetration into the tissues, it is applied by massaging movements.

penis enlargement results

Experts note that the best results can be achieved with the simultaneous use of kits that include a vacuum pump and gel or cream for penis enlargement. As a rule, the purchase of such a kit is cost effective compared to the purchase of each product separately.

If a man has doubts about the correct choice of penis enlargement method, it is worth consulting with an andrologist or sex therapist. These doctors will help you choose the best option to make your intimate life harmonious and give you self-confidence.