How to enlarge your penis with a pump

The two most pressing male problems are insufficient penis size and poor erection. And they can be solved with just one device, namely a vacuum pump. In pharmacies and specialty stores you can find different types - hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps, as well as mechanical pumps. The article will describe in more detail 3 methods of increasing a penis with a pump, the essence of each type, as well as the principle of operation of this device.

Does the pump actually enlarge the penis?

The main thing to understand is that a penis enlargement pump is a medical device, not a toy for sexual experiences. It was originally developed for the rehabilitation period after prostate surgeries, in order to maintain the correct shape of the penis, thus forcing blood to flow to the corpora cavernosa.

penis enlargement with pump

It is a cylindrical bulb with an entrance for the penis, but no exit. A hose with a pump is attached to it, with the help of which air is sucked in and a vacuum effect is created. The principle of operation of such a device is as follows:

  • the vacuum effect causes a strong acceleration of blood flow;
  • An increase in blood volume causes intense stretching of the tissue of the phallus;
  • the blood flow promotes the flow of oxygen to the groin area, and useful substances move with it.

How to handle the device?

  • first, a member is introduced into the vial;
  • the bulb is firmly pressed against the pubis, preventing air permeability;
  • a pump or a bulb is evacuated to obtain a vacuum.
using a pump for penis enlargement

Normalization of blood pressure and blood circulation causes an artificial erection. If you practice such exercises regularly and according to the instructions, it will lead to an increase in the elasticity of the tissues of the organ, an improvement in blood circulation, which leads to a change in the parameters of the phallus before and after. In addition, such training prevents sexual dysfunction and stagnation.

Why is the use of a pump dangerous?

After determining whether the pump increases the penis, one should immediately discuss the possible risks and dangers in order to understand the feasibility of such a technique. If you do not know how to use the device, increasing the vacuum can have negative consequences:

  • ruptures of capillaries and the appearance of small hematomas in the skin layers of the genital organ;
  • long procedures reduce the sensitivity of the penis and dry out the skin;
  • improper and intensive use causes strong and sharp painful sensations;
  • irrational use causes the process of ejaculation to slow down, which reduces the intensity of orgasm and the chances of conceiving a child;
  • a decrease in the sensitivity of the organ leads to a decrease in the strength of the erection;
  • it was found that too frequent exercise, prolonged exposure can cause a habit, as a result of which a man will not be able to achieve an erection on his own.

If you approach the choice of a pump correctly, clearly follow the instructions and apply if indicated, it will not cause any harm.

It is advisable to choose such a device where a pressure gauge will be present, as it helps to regulate the degree of pressure.

How do you choose the right pump for yourself?

The most common question for men is whether it is possible to independently choose and use a vacuum pump, is it realistic to achieve results by increasing the phallus. Indeed, a medical device is not without reason, there are indications for it, and you should choose the type and method of application after consulting a doctor. Thus, we strongly recommend that you contact a specialist before purchasing a pump!

What you should pay attention to when buying:

  • sealing and sealing of the joint;
  • reliability of construction and production materials;
  • availability of additional devices;
  • the brand and reliability of the manufacturer;
  • reviews from real users.

The structure should be strong, and the joint should be smooth without irregularities and roughness, otherwise the vacuum effect cannot be achieved. Preference should be given to models with an erection ring, a pressure gauge and a transparent bulb.

There are 3 main types on sale today - hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps, and mechanical devices.


penis enlargement hydropumps

A hydraulic pump is a pump consisting of a balloon with a valve at its end and an elastic bellows.

Stretching of the penis in such a device occurs by using water pressure. Filling with liquid avoids the risk of injury. In what cases is such a pump used:

  • for the prevention of stagnant processes;
  • for the prevention of urological diseases;
  • to fight against erectile disorders;
  • increase power;
  • increase the elasticity of the vascular wall.

It is better to perform the procedures in the bathroom, and then do the following:

  • collect the water at room temperature in the flask;
  • then place a limb in the vial;
  • pre-move the scrotum;
  • quickly turn the bottle over and attach it firmly to the pubic bone;
  • pump out excess water, create optimum pressure level.

The duration of the first sessions should not exceed 3 to 5 minutes for 3 sets and breaks between them. The maximum charge is 40 minutes.

Results are only possible with regular use. After 3-6 months, the water pump promises + 1-2 cm.

Pneumatic pumps

pneumatic pump for penis enlargement

To use this type of device, a man must consult a doctor to assess the effectiveness and safety of the technique.

The main difference in this case is that the pump is used in parallel with the application of lubricant.

The operating diagram is as follows:

  • put an erection ring on the bottle;
  • an element is introduced into the bottle;
  • start pumping air with a bulb or pump;
  • as soon as an erection occurs, the ring is advanced to the base of the phallus to block the flow of blood;
  • wait for the right moment, then release the pressure by pressing the valve;
  • the limb is withdrawn outside.

The indications for use are the same as in the previous version.

Mechanical pumps

The standard version is a mechanical pump, where all manipulations are carried out manually. For some, this is the best pump because it is easy to use and inexpensive, but modern models in an automated format are in greater demand. The disadvantages include the fact that the risks of irrational pressure are high, as well as the probability of inconvenience.

How to use such a device:

  • a man lubricates his penis with lubricant or cream;
  • the barrel is inserted into the balloon;
  • presses the device firmly on the pubic bone;
  • at this time, manually using a bulb, pump air;
  • delays the erect penis for the required time;
  • reduces pressure and removes the penis.

The main advantage in this case is the cost of the device. On average, a fairly small sum. It can be used as directed by a doctor with insufficient erection strength and poor blood flow to the penis.

3 methods of penis enlargement with pump

To see first-hand whether a vacuum pump helps to solve the problem of insufficient phallus size, you need to choose a pumping method (classic, wrapping and increasing the load), and then combine it with proper nutrition and techniques. manual exposure. Below we will talk in more detail about the possible application methods and how they work.


Since many men are interested in how much the pump increases the penis with conventional pumping, we can conclude that this technique is the most common. In this method, a wide bulb device is used, where a vacuum forces the penis to swell both in length and in width. In this case, an increase in thickness as well as length is to be expected.

You can prepare for the classic technique with massages and warm-ups, gymnastic exercises that warm up the tissues. After which the penis is brought to an erection, lubricated with lubricant is inserted into the vial and a vacuum effect is created. The training consists of 3 sets, in the first minimum pressure and a duration of 10 minutes, in the second there is more pressure and 10-15 minutes of training, in the third the same pressure, but the duration is 20minutes.


This technique aims to stretch the tunic of the phallus using an elongated and narrow bulb. In it, the limb will not be able to swell in width, so all the maximum vacuum pressure will force it to grow in length. Therefore, we can expect a good increase of + 2-4 cm, but subject to a long and systematic approach.

To begin with, the body is warmed up with massages, hot compresses and gymnastic exercises. Then it is lubricated with petroleum jelly, lubricant or cream, placed in a vial in an 80-90% erect state. And then they perform 3 sets:

  • set a - light load for 10 minutes;
  • the second series - a slight increase in the degree of pressure for 10-15 minutes;
  • third series - the pressure is the same, but the duration is up to 20 minutes.

It is also worth supplementing the workouts with exercises and massages in order to consolidate the results and not to make marked differences in the activity of the organ.

Increased load

The first week does not tolerate any increase in load, everything should be stable and without excessive stress. The first series is always easy and does not exceed 10 minutes, on the second it is allowed to slightly increase the pressure and the duration up to 10-15 minutes, the third series does not require an increase in pressure, but it is carried out for 20 minutes.

After a week, you can increase the load of the first set slightly, which means that the second set will provide a little more load. And according to this principle, week after week, slowly and in one sequence, the load increases. And after a few weeks, you can increase the load for the duration of the sets up to 15 minutes in the first set, 20 minutes in the second and 25 minutes in the third.

Summary: Better to use other penis enlargement methods

We have already figured out how a vacuum pump works and how much it costs. It must be concluded that this is a medical device which is prescribed only by a doctor if it is indicated. Don't use it at home on a personal impulse. In addition, if you do not know how to use such a device correctly, the risk of injury is too high. Reviews and videos with recommendations on the internet as to whether it helps develop a limb are quite contradictory.