Major Penis Enlargement Surgery

penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery has become particularly popular over the past two decades, along with other options for plastic procedures. Having an impressively shaped organ is every man's dream, although from a medical point of view there are no standards for penis size.

Moreover, the peculiarity of the growth and development of any part of the body, including male "dignity", is "managed" by heredity. Although penis enlargement has long been performed surgically, man has learned to correct what nature has spared.

Penis enlargement surgery is the most requested plastic surgeon service among those offered to men. This is not surprising, because almost every second representative of the stronger sex is not satisfied with the size of his penis.

It is quite difficult to decide on penis enlargement by surgery, because information about the service is not very common. Therefore, before signing up for an operation, it is necessary to talk to a urologist who will impartially assess the condition of the penis and explain in an accessible way what other non-surgical methods can be tried to solve the problem.

How much can a penis be enlarged surgically?

penis enlargement injection

Modern methods of surgery can increase penis length by 5-7cm and head circumference by 30-50%. Surgical penis enlargement is most often performed in a minimally invasive way. This means that recovery after surgery will only take a few days.

The most important advantage is that surgical penis enlargement will give a 100% guarantee of a positive result. At the same time, the man himself does not have to take pills, perform strenuous exercises for a long time or wear an extender.

If a man does not like the result, or after a while he wants to further enlarge the penis, the operation can be repeated. For those who are afraid of surgery, or for men who are contraindicated in anesthesia, an injection of a special filler can be offered.

It should be noted that this is not a permanent solution (after all, the load can eventually be absorbed). But the injections are quite safe and can be given without anesthesia. It is an excellent solution for those who are thinking about how to increase their penis. The surgery will solve the problems of each patient.

How to enlarge the penis surgically using a prosthesis?

prosthesis in the penis to enlarge it

The phalloprosthesis is indicated for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who have suffered severe physical trauma to the perineum. The doctor can insert a prosthesis of any size, thanks to which a significant lengthening and thickening of the penis is achieved.

A positive result after penis enlargement surgery will be visible to the naked eye while the penis is both flaccid and erect. Plastic surgery for penis enlargement using a prosthesis has a very unpleasant side effect. The penis will almost completely lose its sensitivity. That is why the phalloprosthesis is performed only according to the indications. It is strictly forbidden for a healthy man with a fully functional sexual organ to put on a prosthesis.

This is quite a serious surgical intervention, in which the penis is literally "disassembled piece by piece", and therefore the recovery period will be long. The cost of the operation is affected by the quality of the implant, the qualifications of the surgeon.

How do surgeons enlarge the penis by total reconstruction?

surgical penis enlargement

Plastic surgery, namely penis enlargement by complete reconstruction, is a rather radical and expensive technique. During the procedure, the doctor will divide the penis into anatomical parts and may insert artificial cartilage or an implant into the base or midsection of the penis. Thanks to this, penis enlargement is achieved.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and only when indicated. Changing the size (as in the case of prostheses) depends on the desire of the patient. However, the changes will be noticeable when the penis is both erect and flaccid.

Plastic surgery to enlarge the penis by reconstruction is often performed in conjunction with ligamentotomy. Unlike prostheses, a complete reconstruction will allow you to achieve an impressive result without losing the functionality and sensitivity of the penis. An increase in the surgical method will require significant financial costs. In addition, a man will have to give up intimate contacts for at least 1. 5-2 months after the operation.

How to enlarge the penis surgically by ligamentotomy?

ligamentotomy for penis enlargement

In all men, part of the penis is hidden behind the pubic bone. The supporting ligament penetrates deep into the body by 4-5 centimeters and plays no role in the functioning of the penis. During a ligamentotomy, the doctor will cut the suspensory ligament and pull the "hidden" part of the penis out. The result is a visual enlargement of the penis. Surgery requires a special skill of a specialist. The doctor must sew up the incision so that the ligament does not come together. To prevent this complication, the patient should wear an extender for at least 3 to 4 weeks after discharge from the hospital. In addition, the surgeon will need to fix the "stretched" penis properly to minimize the risk of changing the angle of erection. The doctor will only be able to surgically enlarge the penis after making an incision in the scrotum (just below the base of the penis). Such a procedure can leave a scar, which for some patients is an aesthetically unpleasant complication. A few months after the tissues have completely healed, you can reapply in the clinic and remove the scar. However, highly trained doctors make an incision along the midline of the scrotum, which means that neither the patient nor his wives will notice any scarring.

The results of a ligamentotomy will depend on the relationship between the visible and hidden part of the penis. The advantage of this technique is that the results can be known even before the plastic surgery. You can assess the "hidden" part by means of an ultrasound examination or a photo taken using a tomograph. Since the actual size of the penis body does not increase, but the ratio of its hidden part to its visible part changes, the effect of the operation will be more noticeable when the penis is not erect. The disadvantages of the operation include the fact that you will additionally have to wear an extender (and a high-quality device is quite expensive). Also, a man can only expect an increase in length, but not in penis thickness. And the most important advantage of the ligamentotomy is that the intervention will not affect the functionality of the penis and the quality of erection.

Is it possible to increase the penis surgically without the use of prostheses and fillers?

man looking in his underpants after penis enlargement surgery

In addition to (or in addition to) ligamentotomy, it is possible to surgically enlarge the penis by removing fat in the pubic area and excising the scrotal "veil". Dissecting the skin directly connecting the shaft of the penis and the scrotum will visually lengthen the penis. The actual length will remain unchanged, but during intercourse it will be possible to insert the penis deeper. Such surgical penis enlargement is very popular among men because:

  • is relatively inexpensive;
  • has no serious side effects;
  • can be performed under local anesthesia.

The actual result will depend on the patient's anatomy. Of course, one should not hope for an increase of 7-8 centimeters, but here 2-3 centimeters (even in an unerected state) is a very real result.

So, to the question: "is it possible to surgically enlarge a penis? "doctors give an unambiguous positive answer. But whether it is worth resorting to such drastic measures - each man decides for himself.